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of Mediterranean cuisine

Mediterranean Cuisine has been chosen due to rich flavour, it benefits of helping to maintain the optimal health and huge variety of colourful, delicious and nourishing recipes, that evoke the essence of the Mediterranean region: rich in culture, food and history of nations on the shores of Mediterranean Sea – Italy, Spain, France, Morocco, Greece, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Israel – that contributed something special and vibrant to this cuisine and Chilli Village.

Mediterranean restaurant was inspired by the spirit of the wide and balmy sea that breathes marvelous sunshine and in return gives back delicious fruits of its deepest treasures.

Thanks to our exclusive selection of the best ingredients, our chefs deliver the most authentic and original food creations for our guests.


We invite you to taste the magic of a broad variety of freshly picked vegetables beautifully combined with a superb selection of white and red meats. Embrace the warmth by visiting our cozy environment and feel like at home while enjoying the diversity of exquisite flavors designed to invigorate your well-being and contentment.

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